Zachary Quinto has a ''dark side''.

The 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' actor admitted he has his demons but says playing troubled characters allows him to tap into his dark side without consequences.

He told the May issue of Malaysia's August Man: ''Everyone has one. It is just a matter of how you keep in touch with that dark side and tap into it. Most people never really get in touch with it but it exists in everybody. Fortunately, my work has allowed me to keep that in balance. I have been able to play characters which have given me the opportunity to live deeper and darker. It has given me a safe environment to explore it.''

Zachary, 35, also revealed he loves trying out new roles as he matures and his only stipulation is that it must be good.

He said: ''I am now in that place where I am responsible for myself. I am looking for things that are different, that are interesting, have diversity and a range of expressions. The only thing I want is for it to be good.''