Actor Zachary Quinto is eager to begin filming Star Trek - because he can't wait to be fitted with prosthetics for his costume. The 29-year-old Heroes star - who will play pointy-eared Spock in the big screen version of the sci-fi show - has already been dunked in plaster by the artists creating his Vulcan look. He says, "Wardrobe and prosthetic fittings are due to start this month. That's a really fun part of the process. They did a plaster cast of my head, which they're going to use to build the ears. "They put a bald cap on you, rub Vaseline in your eyebrows and then cover you in goop from your shoulders up. They keep your nostrils open with tubes with three people slather it all over your head. Then it dries, so they put the actual plaster on that. Your head then weighs, like, 20 pounds. And it takes about 25 minutes."