Levi had to reveal all about his first kiss during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live and the chit-chat quickly turned dark when he was asked if he knew what the object of his affection, called Nicole, was doing today.

"She was my childhood crush from, like, five to 10... and that formed my opinion of what beauty was," the actor said. "Every girl, they're all based on her... She had a dark complexion, like, olive skin, dark hair."

Pushed for more information, he added, "She actually passed away. It was a very tragic story..."

As co-host Kit Hoover scrambled to apologise for inadvertently raking up a bad memory, graceful Levi added, "It's OK, you didn't know that. You asked a question. She has an incredible family and we're still in touch with her family; we're old family friends for a long time. She was a really amazing girl.

"By the way, after 10 I probably never saw her again. But she was just a really beautiful girl... and she stayed with me."

As Hoover continued to apologise, insisting she was just hoping to be able to track down his first love for a future show, her guest said, "It's OK... I think my girlfriend would have a big problem with that."

The co-host then moved off the subject and asked Levi who his celebrity crush was, prompting him to reveal he had always had the hots for Pat Benatar and actress Karen Kopins, although he couldn't recall her name on the spot.

"Did you ever see the film Once Bitten with Jim Carrey?" he asked. "She was the love interest in Once Bitten. She was up there. Again, kind of olive complexion, brown hair."

It seems Zachary has switched his type in recent years - his current unnamed girlfriend is blonde and his exes Missy Peregrym and Caitlyn Crosby were also fair-skinned blondes.