Galligan, who starred in both Gremlins and Gremlins 2: The New Batch, confirmed in January (15) that Chris Columbus, writer of the 1984 horror, was working on a reboot of the first film with its original producer Steven Spielberg.

The actor, who is hoping for a role in the next project, has now told fans it will actually be new installment of the franchise which is set many years after the events of the 1990 sequel.

"It's not going to be a reboot. It will not be a remake in any way, shape, or form," he said during a question-and-answer session in London. "Chris Columbus has come out and said that the first film is very near and dear to his heart and as long as he is alive it will never be remade.

"So the only thing they will be, and apparently are going to be doing, is something along the lines of like Jurassic World, where it will be 30 years later."

Galligan insists "some" of the characters from the first movie will return in some capacity, but he is not certain if he will be playing Billy Peltzer once again.

"I swear on my life, I don't know if I'm in it or not, but I think there is probably a decent chance since I'm one of the few people left standing from the first movie," he adds.

He also hopes the film team won't go over-the-top with computer effects, adding, "Hopefully they won't use too much CGI, or the CGI will be really good like the Planet of the Apes movies, and hopefully we'll have some practical effects too."