Funny man Zach Galifianakis has married his long-time girlfriend Quinn Lundberg in a private ceremony over the weekend, local Canadian gossip site has revealed.
The private couple fooled all paparazzi in the area hoping to get a snap shot of the newly weds, holding a rehearsal dinner at the Tea House in Stanley Park on Thursday (August 9th) but then never returning to the venue. They fooled the paps once again by choosing to have the ceremony at the private Ubc Farms - a farm attached to the University of British Columbia - rather than at any of the Greek Orthodox Churches in the area.
Among the guest reported to be in town for the special event included comedienne Sarah Silverman and two of Zach's Hangover co-stars Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms, although, like everything else at the wedding, nothing has been confirmed from the Galifianakis camp just yet. As there is no independent confirmation from the star of The Campaign himself, for all we know this could just be speculation and nothing else, but it is doubtful that Zach and Quinn have pulled the wool that far over the press' eyes. Whatever has happened, we just hope that the stag do wasn't as wild as the one he and his Hangover stars endured during the hit comedy, for his wife's sake at least.