It looks as though Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell are keeping their schedules clear for the forthcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie. Perez Hilton has hosted a video of the two comedians working their way through a reading of the novel and well. what can we say? It's pretty steamy stuff. OK, so it's kind of a joke, but it's a pretty funny joke and frankly, we'd rather watch this than whatever the producers of the movie adaptation have in store for us. Zach and Will deliver the script in a hilarious deadpan fashion that has their interviewer in stitches within minutes. I mean, perhaps she was wriggling around in the heights of ecstasy but we're pretty sure she was just laughing at them.
Meanwhile, the comic couple are busy promoting their new film The Campaign and Washington Examiner report that they were taken aback by the number of political enquiries that were hurled their way during the movie's premiere night at the Newseum. "I hate to say, but I'm just an actor, I don't really. I'm just an entertainer," said Galifianakis when he was asked about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. And without going into specifics, Ferrell added "In terms of my character, he's a four-time incumbent congressman. I basically drew upon everyone on Capitol Hill who is not doing anything, which is a lot of people."
There was one political issue, though, that Ferrell wasn't afraid to address as he revealed exactly how he managed to perfect his 'political hairdo.' The secret? "I watched a lot of tape of Rick Perry's hair," he revealed. And, apparently, he used a lot of Alberto Vo5.