Zach Braff has joked he is having a baby with Donald Faison.

The 38-year-old actor's former 'Scrubs' co-star and his wife CaCee Cobb will welcome a new baby later this year and when a fan joked she is merely a surrogate for the two men, Zach was quick to agree.

After the fan tweeted: ''is it true that @caceecobb is just a surrogate for yours and @donald_faison's baby? (sic)'', Zach wrote: ''We're letting her grow him for us.''

CaCee and Donald dated for six years before marrying on December 16 and Jessica Simpson's former assistant revealed they found out about the pregnancy, the next day.

She said: ''Right when we decided we wanted to get married, we knew we wanted to have a baby. We were very lucky, though -- we did it all in one weekend. We tried so hard before we got married and it didn't work.

''Well, before you say we tried so hard, there are a lot of people out there that tried really hard. We just had a load of sex and it wasn't happening.''

CaCee also admitted she loves pregnancy because Donald caters to her every whim.

She said: ''I like being pregnant. I hate to say it because some people are like, 'There's no way!' But I actually enjoy it so far. I like the attention, too! I like him (Donald) waiting on me hand and foot.''