Zach Braff got his pilot's license because he is a nervous flier.

The former 'SCRUBS' actor took flying lessons because he was scared of air travel and wanted to know exactly how it worked but revealed he is now hooked on aviation.

He said: "It's great for a highly neurotic Jew. I got into it because I'd become this really nervous flyer and I thought understanding how it works would calm me down - now I'm hooked. It quiets your mind, when you are someone who thinks a lot and your brain is going non-stop, it has to become still so you can focus."

Zach also revealed he detests sports and often feels stupid for not understanding them.

He explained to Britain's Elle magazine: "I am horrible at sports. I've always felt like an alien when people were gathered around the TV watching football saying, 'Ooh what's going to happen?' I couldn't care less."

Although Zach is best known for his role in the TV comedy 'Scrubs' he insists he isn't as funny in real life.

He said: "I'm quieter than people expect. I love making people laugh but in my personal life I don't think I try as hard as when I'm trying to entertain people for work. Of all the things I've done, there is no greater high than the laughter from a live audience."