Zach Braff has mocked Snoop Dogg for changing his name.

The rapper has decided on a new moniker as he changes musical direction and launches a reggae album and will now be known as Snoop Lion and Zach appears to have poked fun at Snoop in a message on his twitter account.

He joked: ''People changing their name just to get press. So lame. Incidentally, my new name is Zach Lion Metta World Peace Dirty Money Cher.''

Speaking yesterday (30.07.12), Snoop revealed he wanted to ''bury'' Snoop Dogg and fully embrace his new name.

He said: ''I didn't want to be Snoop Dogg on a reggae track. I wanted to bury Snoop Dogg and become Snoop Lion, but I didn't know that until I went to the temple and received the name Snoop Lion from the Nyabinghi priest. From that moment on, I started to understand why I was there and was able to create something magical in this project, something I haven't done before in my career.''

He added to The New York Times: ''I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated. I feel I have always been a Rastafari. I just didn't have my third eye open, but it's wide open right now.''