Zach Braff is "president" of the Carey Mulligan fan club.

The former 'SCRUBS' star is an admirer of the 'Shame' actress and wants her to star in his play 'All New People' after she helped him when he was writing the British character Emma.

He said: "She is one of the hottest young stars right now; she doesn't have time to do a play. But I can't wait to work with her one day. I am president of her fan club.

"I love British women. When we did an early reading of 'All New People', Carey read the role of Emma for us to hear it out loud. She was so cute and she filled me in on one or two things in the play that an English woman would never say. Obviously I was like, 'Oh my God, please I need that.' "

Zach is also a fan of Ryan Gosling's abs but says he can't compete with Carey's 'Drive' co-star in the looks department.

He said: "I don't have the abs that Ryan Gosling has! I don't see myself as a leading man."