Funnyman Zach Braff is urging all mobile phone users to put their devices on mute, because he hates ringtones. The Scrubs star can't stand people who vocalise the fact they have cellphones with loud, annoying ringtones or by wearing wireless earpieces all day. Braff writes on his MySpace page, "I hate ringtones. I think they are uber obnoxious. I am of the school that if you're out of your house or your car, your phone should be on vibrate. "Oh, and for the love of Yaweh (God), Don't leave your wireless earpiece in your ear. Look, I am by no means a purveyor of 'cool'. I am very dorky. But one thing I know for certain, is that if you're wearing your wireless earpiece around and you are not on the phone, but merely waiting for a call - you should pull it out. When you do, you will probably be able to hear your brain telling you look like Levar Burton (Not in Roots, on Next Generation)."