Actor Zach Braff stopped telling his psychologist mother about his bizarre dreams the moment they became too raunchy. The 32-year-old has long endured vivid images in his sleep, but none topped the time he was having sex with Cindy Crawford when she morphed into Happy Days actor Tom Bosley. Braff says, "This is the kind of dream I have. I'm having sex with Cindy Crawford.. and it's going very well. "We're right at the apex of the experience and I'm just so happy in the dream. At the moment of greatness she morphs into Tom Bosley, the father in Happy Days. "There's this moment where I have to decide am I going to follow this through to completion? "But I want you to know that I finished and I finished with Tom Bosley. To this day it's one of the better sexual experiences I've had in my life."