Comedy actor Zach Braff was thrilled when his movie Garden State pleased critics in the UK - because he has always been inspired by British comedy.

The SCRUBS actor wrote, directed and starred the film about a young man who returns to his New Jersey hometown to bury his mother, after 10 years estranged from his family.

It won critical acclaim in America and has received a warm response after screenings at this year's (04) London Film Festival.

Braff says, "I was a little apprehensive beforehand as I wasn't sure if it would translate and do as well as it's been doing in the States, but it was even better than I could have expected.

"I'm inspired by dry British comedy: when I first saw THE OFFICE I was like, 'Whoa this is the ultimate example of it.'

"I like to think that there's some of that in Garden State."

06/12/2004 21:48