Hollywood funnyman Zach Braff has mocked fallen singer/songwriter FIONA Apple for snubbing the chance to appear on the soundtrack to his film GARDEN STATE.

The SCRUBS actor, who wrote, directed and starred in Garden State, successfully approached huge names, such as Coldplay, ZERO 7 and SIMON + GARFUNKEL, to use their songs in the film.

Braff admits he was shocked when Apple - who hasn't released an album for six years (99) and her third finished album EXTRAORDINARY MACHINE is only available on the internet - didn't return his calls.

Braff says, "With Coldplay, we showed them the first 15 minutes so they could see how their song DON'T PANIC was going to be used and they said, 'We like what you're doing and you can have this for basically nothing.'

"The only person who wasn't interested was Fiona Apple. I wrote her a really nice letter. I don't even know if she read it.

"We were laughing about it, saying, 'We got Coldplay and Simon + Garfunkel on board, yet Fiona Apple's manager won't return our calls."

Apple lives with her boyfriend, acclaimed Boogie Nights director PAUL Thomas Anderson, in Los Angeles.

29/04/2005 17:32