Zac Posen stole his parents' credit card to buy his first designer suit.

The satorialist was desperate to get his hands on a suit from Penny Freeman's first collection and while he didn't have the money himself, he managed to get it from elsewhere.

He said: "I bought and wore a suit from Penny Freeman's first collection. I very horridly snatched my parents' credit card and went to the YSL store - the now non-existent YSL store in Soho - and bought myself a very vibrant blue skill twill suit, a black-and-white, very high-collared shirt and then a very early predecessor to the very trendy harem pant."

Although Zac loves being a designer and has always loved fashion, he insists he would have been happy with another career.

He said: "I have always been interested in fashion but I've always had other interests. I wanted to be a singer, an actor, a gardener and a painter. You know, my earliest memories of fashion are probably from a blue blanket and from my sister who's eight years my senior, and me dressing her up - and dressing me up."