Zac Posen believes he is taking a "risk" by appearing at Paris Fashion Week.

The designer will be showcasing his latest range from the Zac Posen Collection at the prestigious event next month - his first showing there - and admits it's something he felt he needed to do to advance in his career.

Speaking about his decision, which will also see him reveal his Z Spoke by Zac Posen collection in his hometown of New York, Zac said: "Paris is the capital that has branded itself as a city of luxury fashion. What first brought me to fashion and turned me on to design were the great Parisian creators. I always thought this was the city I was meant to work in after graduating from Central Saint Martins.

"For the Zac Posen Collection, I wanted to give a different voice and focus in the international fashion arena. Obviously, New York has been extremely supportive of me and the stars were aligned to base Z Spoke in my hometown. I have learned over the past 10 years to trust my instinct, to have fun with experimentation and to innovate. I do not see this choice as a focus on Europe, rather, it's about taking a risk, which is something that is important to do as a creator in order to evolve."

Zac also says his been inspired by both France and the US for his two new collections.

He told "Z Spoke is about creating a new American look which is effortlessly fun and playful. Collection is emotional - all about textures, construction and techniques which are true to the legacy of French fashion."