Zac Posen says people need to put more effort into their fashion choices.

The designer wants a return to more glamorous dressing as he says it's important for people to take pride in how they look.

He said: ''We've had sort of an explosion of extra casual dressing. It's important for Americans to put more effort into what they wear. A lot of young people and adults are talking a lot about what they believe in now. It's important to dress as you believe and to enjoy fashion too. So many people are following fashion now. It's become fashion-tainment. People should dress [well] again especially for all the great American designers there are. This is a place to dress.''

Zac also revealed how he wears all his own designs and recently had a few of his pieces re-created while in Asia. Speaking at the FNW/Trends luncheon at The National Arts Club in New York, Zac said: ''That would be interesting to take one jacket and have it made in 19 countries. It sounds like a Prada conceptual art project.''