Zac Posen swears by a bath filled with salts to relax.

The 37-year-old designer has a busy work schedule as he balances his career in the fashion industry, which sees him create garments for his eponymous label to exhibit at catwalk shows, with his cooking projects, and his appearances on 'Project Runway', but the one thing the mogul relies on to ''decompress'' after a long day is a long soak in the tub with water-soluble minerals.

Speaking to about his relaxation method, the creative mastermind said: ''Bath salts are an amazing way for me to decompress after a long day at work. They're relaxing and rejuvenating.''

And the star believes bath salts are a must-have for everyone's ''self-care routine''.

He added: ''They make a great addition to one's self-care routine.''

Meanwhile Zac - who founded his fashion brand House of Z in 2002 - loves being able to work with various females from ''different backgrounds'' and widen the diversity in the fashion business.

Speaking previously about his career, he said: ''To me, that's what's exciting about being a designer. Being able to bring lots of different women with different backgrounds into your clothing. That's the excitement of being able to create something that has the ability to work on a lot of bodies.

''As a designer, I always want to put out to a larger public. I truly believe that all bodies are beautiful, and that's what makes our world exciting.''

The dark-haired businessman thinks the belief that fashion is ''unachievable'' is ''bogus'', and he thinks it is possible for merchandise to be created to empower the wearer.

He explained: ''I think fashion, for a long time, relied on the marketing tool of the unachievable, and it's a bunch of bogus. Today it has to be about authenticity. The way I cut my clothing ... it is about empowerment and loving the curves of the body.''