Zac Posen's new ''contemporary luxury'' range is ''honest and natural''.

The fashion house is launching premium label Zac Zac Posen and the designer has promised the new collection will provide the ''dressed-up look'' he found his customers want.

Zac said: ''I thought, 'Why do I have to make you this?' Me combining a leather patch on a heathered grey jersey is great, but it's not the most natural thing for me to offer. And for something to be successful it has to be honest and natural.''

Company president Jillian Sinel added: ''It has to be a put-together outfit. You can't just throw a shirt and a pair of pants together and hope it sticks. It also can't be the same as everybody else.''

Zac believes the time was right to launch a new collection - with an easy-to-remember name - after joining popular TV show 'Project Runway'.

He told WWD: ''We're entering a moment when we're on TV on a weekly basis.

''It's important to give the customers who want it in the store that clear name.''

The designer also admitted his idea for the higher-priced collection came from working on his Z Spoke range, and realising the restrictions of creating garments which retail at under $200.

He said: ''In building into such strict price requirements for Z Spoke, we started to learn that with a slightly higher price point, you can get a lot more out of the product.

''You can get a level of fabric quality that's a lot nicer, and it enables it to expand into evening.''