Zac Posen has created a bespoke dress for Magnum.

The designer is teaming up with the ice cream brand to make a 24-carat gold dress inspired by their latest sweet treat - a gold-coloured bar called Magnum Gold.

The 'Project Runway' judge commented: ''Creating my first-ever 24-carat gold dress was a truly priceless experience. I'm naturally drawn to luxury and love to push my creativity, so the design process of creating a couture dress made of gold was thrilling.

''I pulled inspiration from Magnum Gold for the dress design... the train reminds me of melting ice cream. The dress is so decadent.''

The stunning creation will be unveiled in a short film called 'As Good As Gold' from Emmy-award winning director Jon Cassar, starring 'Magic Mike' actor Joe Manganiello and Caroline Correa.

An official statement said: ''Manganiello plays a gold thief who falls for the beautiful, but dangerous, Correa as she wears Posen's gold dress.

''In the film, he finds out the hard way that all bets are off when it comes to women who pursue pleasures that are as good as gold.''

Zac's floor-length gown has been valued at a whopping $1.5 million (£999,000), and the short film will be shown at The Tribeca Film Festival on April 18.