Zac Efron can be at his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens' house in seven and a half minutes.

Although they may not have moved in together yet the heartthrob actor - who met the actress on the set of 'High School Musical' - has a house in Los Angles close to his sweetheart and has timed his Journey to her home.

He said: "We're not far from each other. We've timed it now . if there's no stop Lights and if you take the back streets, you can get there in seven and a half minutes. Yeah, it's pretty funny. So we're not living together but we spend a lot of time together. More than not, you know?"

Zac thinks it's a good thing they don't live with one another yet and believes the time he and Vanessa have apart from each other when they are working keeps the romance alive in their relationship.

He added to Wonderland magazine: "When we're filming we spend a lot of time apart, but that's what keeps it fresh you know? Also, when you're working you need to be really focused. At least I like to be focused so that time away is important. Then when you come back it's better than ever."

Zac, 23, also credits his relationship with 21-year-old Vanessa with keeping him focused on his career and away from the distractions of fame-hungry Women.

He said: "What I will say is that there's lots of drama and distractions and, you know, bulls**t at this age with women that I don't have to put up with. But at the same time I'm getting to experience the amazingness and the beauty of women. So I'm foregoing all the negative things and really just getting the positive, I think. Being in a relationship has definitely helped me stay focused. I think being in a relationship at this point has kept me out of a lot of things that could have distracted me, could have developed into those distractions. And I'm having every bit as much fun."