Zac Efron has written songs and painted pictures to impress girls.

The 'High School Musical' star - who is rumoured to be dating 'Mirror Mirror' actress Lily Collins - admits he is a traditional romantic at heart, and not afraid to express his feelings in a song or artwork.

He told US TV's The Rachel Ray Show: ''I'm a fan of small romantic gestures. I've done things like write a romantic song for a girl or do a painting or something like that. Those are more up my alley, I think.''

Zac, 24, has also recently admitted he got embarrassed watching his love scenes with Taylor Schilling in 'The Lucky One' with his mother.

He said: ''We saw the film together and I was kind of squirming. Even though she was a couple of seats down from me, I tried to duck out during those scenes because it was too embarrassing. Obviously I'm acting, but knowing that my mom and my family were watching is kind of awkward. There's really no way around it.''

Zac has recently finished filming his latest project, 'The Paperboy', and is looking forward to taking some time off over summer to travel.

He explained: ''I'll probably go to Machu Picchu [in Peru] or something like that. I like to go backpacking and stuff.

''Why not try to go and get as much out of it when I can be alone and think?

''It's very bare out there. It's fun. It's the best way. I'm pretty good about it - usually I have my dad and my Little Brother with me. I hope they know what they're doing!''