Food fans usually wait months to grab a table at Jiro Ono's Tokyo establishment, but the former High School Musical star managed to get in a day after he arrived in the city with girlfriend Sami Miro.

"We landed in Japan and I called a buddy of mine that was really into food," Zac told U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel. "He's like, 'Let me see what I can do'. He made a call and said, 'I've got you in'. This was, like, (for) the day after tomorrow.

"We showed up, we had our meal, which was outstanding... and there's this little area outside where he (Jiro) takes photos with everyone that comes into the restaurant... and when we went outside he seemed really enthusiastic about taking the picture (with me)... He was smiling the whole time.

"It turns out, I think, the girl that seated us, who was jumping into the photos, ended up being his granddaughter, and I think she may have been a fan... so I think that may have had something to do with why I got that reservation.

"That's the best case scenario of when all of this (fame) pays off in a great way."