Zac Efron ''incredibly thankful'' his friend Caleb Davidge is alive after surviving a car accident.

The 31-year-old actor shared a heartfelt Instagram post on Monday (21.01.19) paying tribute to his pal who made a miraculous recovery after he was hit by a passing car, which was travelling 60 mph, as he was getting into an Uber on the side of Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The 'Greatest Showman' star shared of himself sitting on a beach next to his friend - who is the co-founder and president of beverage company, The Chill Group - and wrote: ''14 weeks ago my friend @calebdavidge was hit by a car. It was gnarly.

''I'm incredibly thankful he's alive and so impressed by his positivity throughout this process. You inspire me brother. Cant wait to surf again with you soon. (sic)''

Last week, Caleb posted a video of surveillance footage of the crash and in the caption detailed his horrific catalogue of injuries and while admitting ''every day has been a challenge'' he is using the incident to held his ''mind and spirit'' grow.

He wrote: ''I broke all of my ribs on both sides, my right ribs shattered and punctured my lungs, which both collapsed and were bleeding out. My right arm was poking out of my sweatshirt. My left femur went thru my knee joint and fractured my tibia, and tore my left MCL. An ice cream scoop sized chunk came out of my left leg. My right knee has a torn ACL, MCL, and meniscus. I lacerated my liver and my spleen, and broke four bones in my spine.

''It's been 14 weeks today since I was hit at 60 mph while getting into my Uber, and not a minute has passed where I haven't thought about how fortunate I am, every day has been a challenge for me physically but my mind and spirit have grown in ways I never imagined. Man ... all the s**t I took for granted! Looking back at all the little things I was stressing about just makes me laugh now. (sic)''