The Hairspray star recently wrapped filming with the wrestler-turned-actor on the big screen remake of the popular TV drama, and Zac, 28, found a new role model in Dwayne after seeing the 44 year old's tenacity up close.

"He wants to make an impact beyond acting," Zac gushed to U.K. newspaper The Times. "He could run for president. F**k it, he'd be better than anyone at this point..."

Zac added he's also been learning about his craft through Dwayne, saying, "I'm realising the value of film. We have the ability to change the world with cinema. I love acting, I study it every night - Enter the Dragon, Se7en. It's been a struggle. From day one, I wanted to do authentic work. It wasn't about money. It wasn't about fame. It wasn't about Instagram."

The Hollywood hunk was left feeling optimistic after working with the action man, and said, "I feel like I'm just unlocking right now. I'm just getting started."