Zac Efron has no relationship ''deal breakers''.

The 'That Awkward Moment' star claims there is no personality traits or habits a girl could have that would prevent him from falling in love with her.

Asked if he has any relationship deal breakers, he told America's OK! magazine: ''I don't think that there are any. I'm not a person that lives with deal breakers in my life.''

However, any potential partners had better not try and get him to watch 'Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants' - a 2005 movie about female friends as he can't bear the film.

He added: ''OK, that's a deal breaker! Even with getting ten minutes of the best sex in exchange, it's still not worth sitting through!''

However, Zac, 26, thinks his latest film - about a group of guys who promise not to date after one of them is dumped - is the male equivalent of a chick flick.

He said: ''I think guys can relate to this movie. We walk a careful balance between really being good guys deep down, and waking up the next day and feeling guilty for our commitment issues.''