Zac Efron thinks it's ''way too early'' to think about having children.

The 29-year-old actor shot to fame in the 'High School Musical' franchise and has since starred in a number of Hollywood comedies alongside the likes of Seth Rogen, but Zac admitted children are not on his agenda right now.

Speaking to on its 73 Questions segment, Zac said: ''I don't even wanna go there. It's way too early. We'll talk about that later.''

Zac recently starred alongside DWAYNE 'THE ROCK' JOHNSON in the movie reboot of 'Baywatch' and the two shared a passionate kiss and he admitted it was ''absolutely amazing''.

He said: ''[It was] absolutely amazing. He's perfect. Breathtaking. It was amazing.''

And when asked who he would like to share a sex scene with, the actor immediately responded with ''The Rock. [To] finish what we started.''

The actor also revealed he once ''tackled'' 'I Try' singer Macy Gray while he was just in his underwear.

He said: ''One time I tackled Macy Gray in my underwear. And it was improv, so she wasn't expecting it. It was pretty funny.''

Zac is known for his ripped physique and adventurous lifestyle and revealed his most memorable meal was eating worms over a campfire with explorer Bear Grylls.

He said: ''[My worst meal was] worms I found in an egg I found in a tree over a campfire with Bear Grylls.

''That's probably the most memorable meal I've had.''

With his adventurous nature, the actor admitted he isn't scared of much but while he was in Hawaii he did ride a tiger shark and said it ''was pretty scary''.

Zac said: ''I did ride a tiger shark. A big one in Hawaii. It was pretty cool.

''I'm not scared of much but riding the shark was pretty scared.''

Although he has a daring nature, the actor also has a more caring and loving side and revealed his first pet was a stray cat he found.

He said: ''The first pet I owned was called Cuckoo Kitty. It was a stray cat I found.''