Zac Efron ordered an ''entire'' room service menu when filming on 'Baywatch' ended.

The 28-year-old hunk had maintained a strict diet and exercise regime as he needed a toned physique for the lifeguarding movie, so as soon as shooting wrapped, he couldn't wait to indulge in his favourite foods.

He admitted: ''I was training hard during 'Baywatch' filming. Once I finished a big scene, I went back to my hotel and ordered the entire [room service] menu. I hadn't had carbs in a month! I went nuts.''

Despite being in great shape, Zac loves a fast food treat and was ''stoked'' to be recognised when he last picked up an In-N-Out burger - even if the attention he received didn't endear him to the other customers.

Asked when he was last recognised, he told People magazine: ''At the drive-through at In-N-Out. All these dudes rushed out and gave me free hats and other In-N-Out stuff. I was actually really stoked. But the people in line behind me were very upset.''

In 2014, Zac joined adventurer Bear Grylls on his TV show 'Running Wild' and was forced to face his fears when they jumped out of a helicopter.

He recalled: ''I was filming with Bear Grylls, and we did a helicopter jump. I got legit freaked out - there was no hiding it! I'd never been so happy when I landed.''

The generous star is looking forward to his dad's upcoming birthday as he has the ideal gift in mind.

He said: ''I'm giving my dad a new bed for his birthday. I'm going to lure him into the room and then tackle him on it!''