Now that the heavyweight critics have weighed in on Zac Efron 's new movie venture The Lucky One, the movie's rating on the Rotten Tomatoes site has taken a dramatic downturn. Once resting at a highly respectable 80 per cent, it has now dropped to a rather disastrous 23 per cent. The problem seems to be not just the movie itself, but the fact that it was even made in the first place. A number of Nicholas Sparks' novels have been adapted into movies (most notably Nights in Rodanthe and The Notebook) and the critics seem to be tired of the cliches that reoccur in the adaptations time after time.
"If you've ever liked a Nicholas Sparks movie, you're likely to enjoy this one," says Roger Ebert in a wearied report that questions whether or not this particular work of fiction should ever have been made into a film. Todd MCCarthy of Hollywood Reporter throws his own hat into the ring, saying that The Lucky One, which also stars relative newcomer Taylor Schilling, has "no dramatic or visual scheme here, just random camera angles tossed and mixed."
In terms of the acting, Time Magazine's Mary F Pois reckons that Efron "acquits himself reasonably well," though Chuck Wilson, writing for Village Voice slams Zac and Taylor for the lack of on screen chemistry, saying "No amount of neck nuzzling or back arching can make us believe there's real heat rising between these two."