Even often cold-hearted film critics appear taken with Disney's theatricaledition of High School Musical . "The third chapter of thephenomenally popular franchise crystallizes a moment in movie-musicalhistory that is probably as evanescent as it is triumphant," writes StephenHolden. He credits the film's success not only to "the shrewd mixing andmatching of proven formulas," but also to the performances of the two stars,Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. "Mr. Efron's athletic grace is Astaire-likein its casual authority. Ms. Hudgens's blissful smiles melt the screen," heremarks. John Anderson in his review for Newsday offers almostgrudging admiration. The movie, he says, "is eminently watchable,occasionally very funny, and sweet enough to give you diabetes." Forget theplot, advises Claudia Puig in USA Today . "What grabs and keeps ourattention are the pretty faces, infectious songs and eye-popping dancemoves." Likewise, Tasha Robinson comments in the Chicago Tribune thatthe movie "is frustratingly shallow, but what it lacks in narrativeambition, it makes up for in dazzling choreography." Bottom line, accordingto Catherine Dawson March in the Toronto Globe & Mail "Disneyraised the stakes by turning its hit TV-movie franchise into a feature film- and the bet has paid off." On the other hand, Kyle Smith in the NewYork Post makes no attempt to hide his scorn for the movie, writing that"the jokes are awful, the intrigue minimal ... [and] the musical numbers ...are at the level of a Mentos commercial."