Zac Efron had mixed feelings when he met his idol Leonardo Dicaprio - because he was so jealous of the star growing up.
The High School Musical actor came face to face with his fellow Hollywood hunk in November last year (08) and the pair struck up a close bond after attending a basketball game in Los Angeles together.
But Efron admits he resented the attention the Titanic star received from girls at his school.
He says, "Leo, for me, was the first time I ever recognised fame. I was in fifth grade when he was literally on every magazine cover for Titanic and all the girls had these Tigerbeat magazines and I'd say, 'Dude, what's so great about this kid?'
"I was jealous. I mean, you couldn't help but hate this guy. And now, to some degree, I've made it and I'm going through the same thing."