YVES SAINT LAURENT's creative director thinks John Galliano's firing from Dior was a ''tragic situation''.

The former head of the French fashion house was sacked last March after being found guilty of racist and anti-Semitic behaviour and while Stefano Pilatio - who is currently at the helm of YSL - doesn't ''feel bad'' for him, he thinks the incident has changed the way The Fashion world works.

Stefano said: ''It was a tragic situation, both for him and for the maison. You have to come to terms with your responsibility and choices.

''You can do what you want, at home. But when you go out, keep it together. Look, it was a tragic situation, and I'm not justifying anybody's actions. If I must choose sides, I might justify him, but I do so with sadness. It's just sad. I don't feel bad for him, though.''

The Italian designer - who has been the head designer at YSL since 2001 - admitted he has to work ''24 hours a day'' to ensure his collections are a success.

Stefano added in an interview with Vice magazine: ''Today fashion design is a real office job that goes beyond any normal conception of what time one should devote to work. I work 24 hours a day, essentially.

''I have to make a collection every two months. You have to be in shape; you have to be more athlete than rock star. When you go outside that world and meet the 90 per cent of society who have no clue what you're doing, you end up choosing to go back home with your friends.''