Hedi Slimane's main ''priority'' is to revamp ''luxury ready-to-wear'' garments for YVES SAINT LAURENT.

The creative director has hinted the French company may resume a haute couture line of clothing at some point during the future, but his immediate focus is on its ready-to-wear collections, which will be renamed Saint Laurent Paris.

He said: ''Haute couture is a legitimate subject for Yves Saint Laurent and could resume one day. The priority today is to revamp and redeploy the luxury ready-to-wear.''

While he has never designed womenswear, Hedi is going to take a ''ritualistic'' approach to creating such garments.

In an interview with French Vogue, he added: ''I approach this via a wardrobe codified to the extreme, almost ritualistic.''

Following Hedi's appointment as Yves Saint Laurent's creative director, the luxury fashion house announced its intentions to take the company back to its ''original branding''.

Speaking about the return to original branding, a spokesperson said: ''This is to restore the house to its truth, purity and essence - and taking it into a new era while respecting the original principles and ideals.''