Yusuf Islam is setting out to prove he isn't a terrorist threat by condemning the Muslim Chechens who stormed a school in Beslan, Russia, and calling for the release of British hostage KENNETH BIGLEY.

The rocker-turned-Muslim convert, formerly CAT STEVENS, was turned back from America last month (SEP04) because authorities maintained he was a threat to homeland security.

As he and British officials fight to get answers about the incident, Islam is making sure people around the world know where he stands on international issues - because he fears zealots are "hijacking" his peaceful religion.

Islam states he was "sickened" by the Beslan tragedy of 3 September (04), in which more than 330 people - many of them children - lost their lives at the hands of terrorists, and he wants all Muslims to work towards peace.

He says, "The Beslan tragedy was so sickening. Every Muslim I ever met was so sickened by what was happening and so we spoke out, we condemned it."

Islam has also officially condemned the beheadings in Iraq, and is working with British officials in calling for the release of British hostage Bigley.

04/10/2004 08:53