Yusuf Islam has lavished praise on his son's songs - despite renouncing guitar music when he became a Muslim. The artist formerly known as Cat Stevens converted to Islam in 1975 after nearly drowning in a swimming accident in Malibu, California. He subsequently retreated from the pop spotlight as song, and particularly the use of musical instruments, is an area of debate in the Muslim faith. He has since staged a singing comeback but was reported to be irked his son Mohammed, 27, had delved into guitar music with his own performance career. However, Islam insists the reports were exaggerated and his son's music has taught him some valuable life - and faith - lessons. He says, "Mohammed is like me when I was young, and yet he's assertive of his own identity - which is exactly what I was like. So he helped me see myself with younger eyes. "Also, (the guitar) had not been accepted by a conservative school of thought (within Islam). But, on analysis, I discovered it wasn't so long ago that Islamic culture thrived in Europe. Then, you get to find out that - guess what? - the guitar was introduced to Europe through Islamic Spain."