Former rocker Yusuf Islam is planning to go big with his comeback - he's currently writing a stage musical.

Islam, formerly known as CAT STEVENS, left the music scene after converting to Islam in the 1970s. He was travelling from Britain to America last month (SEP04) for music negotiations when he was held by US authorities, who deported him after declaring him a security threat.

And while he admits he'd initially thought twice about pursuing his comeback, he's decided to press on with plans to branch out into the theatre world.

He says, "There's been a workshop, with a basic script. I was always a fan of theatre. In the beginning, what I really wanted to be was not a pop star but a composer."

Islam adds that the show will feature familiar songs as well as "some interesting new songs I've written".

While Islam has no firm plans to record another album, he explains, "My position on music has changed drastically. A lot of things have become clearer to me as to what is allowed and not allowed within the vast possibilities of Islamic culture and art. I've lightened up a lot."

04/10/2004 21:05