Former rocker Yusuf Islam is shocked he was recently denied entry into the US as a security threat - because he'd travelled to the country many times since September 11th (01).

Islam, formerly known as CAT STEVENS, was refused access into America last month (SEP04) by officials who insisted he was a threat to national security.

But the British star insists he'd frequently come to the US since the devastating 9/11 attacks.

He says, "I was in the United States about two months after 9/11 at the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM in New York, meeting Hillary Clinton and Peter Gabriel and all those. Possibly about 19 visits since that time and the last visit was in May (04).

"GOD knows (why this happened now), and I'm sure there should be a good explanation for this. I'm just waiting to hear it because as far as I was concerned I was living a normal life, doing what I normally do."

11/10/2004 21:16