British singer Yusuf Islam has criticised the international relief effort to last month's (OCT05) earthquake victims in Pakistan, saying more should have been done.

Islam, formerly known as CAT STEVENS before he became a Muslim in 1977, is disappointed with how much aid the devastated country needs a month on from the disaster, which now has an official death toll of 74,000.

He says, "This is one of the most difficult and inhospitable areas to work in, it's so inaccessible.

"There should have been more of a response in regards to the need for helicopters and other transport systems to deliver the aid, but nobody was ready for it.

"That is perhaps an indictment on most countries of the world. Why isn't there more of a ready, rapid, response force which governments can take part in to help?

"These calamities are not going away. There seem to be more and more of them each day.

"I do point the finger of blame. They should get together and do more."

Islam's comments come just days after Pakistani president PERVEZ MUSHARRAF said the worldwide humanitarian response was too slow.