An American terrorism 'watch list' has been put under review by Secretary Of State COLIN POWELL after Yusuf Islam, the singer formerly known as CAT STEVENS, was wrongly refused entry into the US last week (ends24SEP04).

Powell insists the review isn't taking place because of media interest in the WILD WORLD singer's detainment, but because it is US policy to keep security as up-to-date as possible.

He says, "I think we have that obligation to review these matters to see if we are right."

He adds that reviews are undertaken, "Not only with celebrities such as Mr Stevens, but for the average citizen coming across who gets stopped. We want to secure our borders but we want also to make sure that we remain an open nation."

This statement comes after British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw complained to Powell about the treatment of Islam, who has already initiated legal proceedings against the US authorities responsible for the incident.

30/09/2004 17:17