LATEST: Yusuf Islam, the British singer formerly known as CAT STEVENS, has demanded an explanation from American officials who threw him off a transatlantic flight.

The MORNING HAS BROKEN star - who abandoned a successful solo career in 1977 to become a Muslim - was on a flight from London to Washington on Tuesday (begs21SEP04) when his name was spotted on a US security 'watch list' and his flight was diverted before officials deported him back to Britain.

On his arrival back in London today (23SEP04), Islam said, "It's crazy and everybody knows me from my charitable work and now there has to be explanations.

"Everybody knows who I am. I am no secret figure.

"The whole thing was a terrible ordeal - I'm very tired. Half of me wants to smile, half of me wants to growl."

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has had a heated meeting with US Secretary of State COLIN POWELL, voicing his concern that the over-zealous actions will infuriate the Muslim community.

Straw's spokesman says, "He heard the reports of the incident involving Cat Stevens. He did say to the Secretary of State that this action should not have been taken."

23/09/2004 14:05