Yung Berg's lawyer has slammed accusations the rapper assaulted a woman at a party at his California home, dismissing the allegations as a "pathetic attempt for publicity".
Party reveller Chelsea Berry claims she was enjoying a night at the hip-hop star's house in Woodland Hills, California last week (15Jul09) along with select members of the musician's entourage.
She alleges the singer - real name Christian Ward - threw her in a swimming pool and later hit her several times, giving her a black eye.
Berry adds that Ward then drove her away from the property and smashed her cell phone so she was unable to call her friends.
But the rapper's lawyer, Jeremy M. Rosen, has hit out at Berry's claims - vehemently denying the rapper would be involved in such an altercation.
Rosen tells, "The allegations are entirely false and without merit. Yung Berg would never conduct himself in such a manner. This is clearly a pathetic attempt for publicity.
"Let's focus on reality, namely, Yung Berg as the multi-platinum, ASCAP Award-winning artist, songwriter and producer."
No arrests have been made in connection to the alleged assault.