Yung Berg has assured fans he's "fine" amid reports he was targeted in a vicious robbery in Los Angeles on Sunday (21Feb10).
The rapper, real name Christian Ward, was said to have been among a number of guests who were violently beaten and robbed by a gang of armed thieves who raided a house party in the city.
The hip-hop star has since recorded a video, uploaded to on Wednesday (24Feb10), to prove he's uninjured, insisting he was in Las Vegas at the time of the incident.
He says, "What you got to know is I am fine. I am good. There's nothing wrong with nobody, I'm still gorgeous! I'm going to just continue doing what I'm doing, hit the studio up today. We're in Vegas."
And he's urged his fans not to believe gossip about him: "Stop paying attention to bulls**t - it ain't (sic) about nothing and it gets you nowhere! I ain't dressed yet - I'm still in bed. My phone blew up (with calls) so I had to get on here, let you all know I love you all and that I'm straight (fine)."
Rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs was forced to deny any involvement in the ordeal on Wednesday (24Feb10) after it was reported the robbery occurred at a mansion owned by the rap mogul.