British EUROVISION SONG CONTEST singer GEMMA ABBEY claims she's being stalked by Yulia Volkova, half of Russia lesbian act Tatu.

Abbey, half of duo GEMINI who received no votes in yesterday's (24MAY03) contest, says the Russian singer, who came third in the competition won by the Turkish entrant, will not leave her alone - and believes it is her sexy Eurovision outfit which really got Yulia going.

The CRY BABY chanteuse says, "I've never had so much attention from one girl. It's freaking me out. She seems to be following me everywhere, and everyone is saying she fancies me."

Gemini's spokesperson adds, "It's really creepy. People on the rehearsal set had to ask Yulia to leave the audience three times. She just starred at Gemma and it was putting her off.

"Every time Gemma comes out of her dressing room Yulia's there waiting. She's like an obsessed fan. When they go down to the canteen for dinner, Yulia follows Gemma and sits at the next table to her by herself - staring at her as she eats.

"Gemma does look absolutely stunning - but Yulia should have just asked her out for a drink instead of stalking her."

25/05/2003 11:03