Young Frankenstein star Cloris Leachman was twice turned down as a Dancing With The Stars contestant because she was considered too old for the hit show.
The 82-year-old actress will be the oldest star on the show when she dances with professional Corky Ballas in the new season of the talent programme - but she's thrilled to get her chance at last.
She says, "I wanted to do it so my people asked their people to do it and they said, 'No, too old.'"
But Leachman accepts she's not the most ideal dancing partner for the high-energy show: "I take pills for asthma and high blood pressure, and I have very bad osteoporosis.
"But I've learned the foxtrot and now I'm working on the mambo."
The aged actress already has a firm fan base - her co-stars in new movie The Women will be cheering her on.
Annette Bening says, "She's got a body on her. She should win."