Late Young Frankenstein star Peter Boyle is being remembered publicly by the cast of the US TV comedy show that earned him seven straight Emmy nominations, as "a great dad". Brad Garrett and Doris Roberts who played Boyle's son and wife respectively in TV hit Everybody Loves Raymond have paid tribute to the 71-year-old actor, who died on Tuesday night (12DEC06) after a long battle with heart disease and cancer. Garrett, 46, says, "I think of Peter and I smile. I laugh and I think about what I learned from him as an actor and a human being. He was a compassionate man and a great dad. "I knew that he was ill but he was strong and he fought it. He's in a better place where he won't be suffering." Roberts, 76, adds, "He was quite ill, so it was not a surprise. "When you work with someone for almost a decade it's like family. He was my great buddy. We loved him."