Rapper Young Buck held a three-day birthday blow-out last weekend (10-12MAR06), but is reportedly refusing to pay the personal chef he hired to feed the 300 members of his entourage. Young Buck - real name DAVID BROWN - is a member of rapper 50 Cent's crew G-Unit and made headlines at his birthday party last year (05), which ended up in a near riot. Over 30 police officers had to step in when 700 people showed up outside a club after tickets to the event were oversold. This year (06) the rapper held a three-night event at nightclub King of Clubs in Nashville, Tennessee, but refused to pay the tab for friends, including Jagged Edge and Young Jeezy. The posh celebration featured pricey bottles of Cristal champagne, as well as prime rib and seafood, but the rapper has allegedly ignored the bill, leaving celebrity chef IRVING BROWN II in the lurch. Dr Katherine Brown, the wife of the chef, says, "He called us at the last minute and wanted us to do this for three nights and then cancelled after the first night, saying he couldn't afford it. "Meanwhile, he drives off in his Bentley and was walking around the party carrying a bottle of Cristal in each hand that costs $475 (GBP279) each." Brown frequently works with celebrities, such as Leann Rimes, and has never had a problem - until he crossed paths with the controversial rapper. The well-respected chef has filed a lawsuit in a bid to recover the $5,600 (GBP3,294) Young Buck owes him. The rapper has frequently been in trouble with the law and faced assault charges relating to an alleged stabbing at the Vibe Awards in 2004. The charges were eventually dropped.