The former G-Unit star, real name David Brown, was picked up by police in Kentucky on Thursday (28Jul16) and booked into Warren County Regional Jail.

His arrest occurred a week after he was last busted for allegedly vowing to burn down his ex-girlfriend's home in a threatening text message. He then reportedly turned up at the property and kicked down the front door, before making a quick exit.

Brown is still on probation for 2012 gun possession and tax evasion charges, but it is not clear if the threatening text was the incident which prompted federal authorities to take him into custody on Thursday.

According to, officials at the U.S. Attorney's office sought to have Buck's probation revoked "on the basis that he may flee and that he poses a danger to others", but he was released on Monday (01Aug16), and ordered to appear before a judge to answer the violation charge at a later date.

He previously pleaded guilty to a separate instance of probation violation last summer (15) and was sentenced to probation, community service, and drug treatment, and ordered to pay a fine.