Rapper Young Buck has slammed his former G-UNIT bandmate 50 Cent, accusing the superstar of doctoring a leaked telephone conversation between the two, in which Buck can be heard apparently breaking down in tears.
The two stars first fell out last year (07), when Buck was initially axed from rap group G-Unit. Buck and 50 Cent reconciled soon afterwards, but he was kicked out of the group once and for all in April (08), after a dispute over song royalties.
A new track by 50 Cent - titled The Taped Conversation - features Buck grovelling to the rapper, begging him to allow him back into the group and vowing not to betray him like another former G-Unit member The Game did.
But Young Buck's new manager, Blue Williams, claims the audio is heavily edited.
He says, "Just so that it is clear, this obviously edited and doctored recording was made from a phone conversation between Young Buck and 50 Cent - recorded and leaked by 50 Cent. It was made over a year ago, the first time Buck was kicked out of G-Unit for being a man and communicating with people that 50 deemed his 'enemies.' You only hear one side of the conversation."
And Williams reveals Young Buck, real name David Darnell Brown, will not be lowering himself to 50 Cent's level to fire back - because he's a "real man".
He adds, "At this time, I have convinced Buck to take the higher road and not respond to the petty back and forth with an obviously scorned and angry man.
"I am sure if need be, there are plenty of explosive G-Unit secrets that he could put out there from the inner workings of the crew, but he's going to take the high road.
"Everybody out here already knows what a real cat Buck is. I don't think anyone in the streets thinks Young Buck is soft. If anything, they know he's real and he's emotional. That's what makes him such a great rapper. He's a real man, thinking he was having a real conversation with 50 Cent, not someone who'd record it, doctor it up, and put it out a year later to try and build hype to sell a G-Unit compilation CD."