Young Adam actress Emily Mortimer is furious with paparazzi for invading her wedding day - because she was in such a hurry to flee the church there were no official photos taken.

Emily wed long-term lover Alessandro Nivola on 3 January (03) at a small church in the Chiltern Valley, England, but was infuriated with uninvited snappers for turning up to take money-making pictures.

She fumes, "There were photographers waiting outside the church - there must have been nothing going on that day! As a result, we didn't get official wedding photos because I was so freaked out that we fled back to the house.

"I felt f***ed off that we missed out on that."

She continues, "I don't normally get attention like that, I've only been recognised twice, and both times I've terrified the people involved by being so happy about it."

05/08/2003 17:14