Music producer David Foster announced his four-year marriage to former model Yolanda was over earlier this month (Dec15), and rumours subsequently surfaced alleging the veteran music mogul had been questioning his wife's health struggle, which was diagnosed in 2012.

However, David, 66, recently defended his estranged wife against the tabloid reports, insisting he couldn't be more proud of how brave she has been throughout her personal battle.

Yolanda is now reciprocating by praising David for being by her side during the health crisis and urging her to seek further tests after her recovery stalled.

"Only those who have experienced an invisible illness can identify with my journey," she writes on her blog for "Losing my brain function and the ability to participate in life made me lose my identity. I had no choice but to buckle down, surrender, and connect to the deepest part of my soul. Only in solitude could I hear the little bit of my spirit that was still alive and willing to fight..."

"After being properly diagnosed three years ago, I followed strict doctor's orders 24/7 but made very slow progress as we slowly uncovered the mystery of my failing health," she continues.

"Last June, David woke up one morning and said, 'We are not doing any more treatments until you get a full body scan.' That scan probably saved my life, as doctors found free-floating silicone (from a leaking breast implant) under my left arm pit, under my right clavicle bone, and under my rib cage."

"None of these findings changed my late stage Lyme disease diagnosis, but it was a good explanation of why three years of hard work had not paid off yet. It was a big breakthrough in my case at a time that I was just existing. At that point I honestly was not sure how and if I was going to pull through."

Looking back on the discovery, Yolanda is grateful her body recovered from the ordeal and is now questioning why she got the implants in the first place. She also stresses she is thankful for her life now, despite all her most recent ups and downs and the break-up of her marriage.

"It's fascinating to see how strong we really are," she writes. "Our bodies are this extraordinary machinery that deals (sic) with whatever we throw at it. Looking back, what was I ever thinking putting breast implants or the poison of Botox in my so perfectly healthy body? The truth is I wasn't thinking but rather brainwashed by society's perception of what a perfect woman should look like and into believing (sic) that any of these beautifying enhancements were safe...

"I guess I had to learn the hard way," she continues. "I know we all want to be a better version of ourselves... but please be conscious that the things we do to our bodies are too new for us to truly understand the side effects. If it's not natural, it's probably not meant for us..."

"Whatever happened over these past couple of years, I am thankful for where it brought me; I'm exactly where I'm meant to be," she adds. "Obviously I had hoped to share with you a more glamorous journey, but these are the cards life dealt me, and even though you see me struggle, you will never see me quit. Again, thank you for all your love, prayers, and support. I appreciate your open mind without judgment more than you will ever know..."